• Hi Ariel, I am Gary Mahboub, a long time friend of your grandmother Rena and of your mom Talia when she was a little girl and your uncle Romeo when he was a youngster.

    I’m gonna send you a little money for your legs. When I pondered doing this I heard from the Lord saying He is going to do great things with your life! He loves you, He holds you in His mighty hands, and He is in control of your life.

    Please call, text or email me anytime. With much love,
    Your new friend,

  • Hello Ariel, This is Rhonda the wife of your Grandfather “Big Time” Sam. You are such a tough guy, and I have no doubt you will do anything you put your mind to. The way you have improved so rapidly, truly you will inspire others. The world is so blessed that you are still in it, and so sharp and strong. Stay strong like your Grandpa as you are his only Grandson, and since the day you were born he knew that you would be a star. The paper written by you is amazing, keep that attitude. It is the tough battles in life that will make you stronger, and you seem to be taking it like a Pro! Keep your spirits up, you are one handsome, intelligent and outstanding man!! My heart goes out to you and your family, and I will keep you constantly in my prayers. Much Love, Rhonda

  • Hi Ariel, we’re you’re friends from where you lived at The Block in Austin. Heard from your mom what happened. Handle it like the champ you are and keep going to college when you can. Our prayers and thoughts are coming through, so know that you have people everywhere pulling for you to get through this. Stay tough!! Holly Morgan the bookkeeper at The Block.

  • Ariel Nona loves you and there side by side for you YOU are a Man of Man

  • All that blue paint on u boys bodies! How well I remember! The Duffield bathroom, SO much grinning coming from you, Benji, your other friends….you will smile like that again Ariel.
    How do I know? Faith baby. Faith.
    I believe in YOU!!
    I ALSO believe that HaShem saved you for a reason. Maybe more reasons than we all know. U r a miracle!

    Much love

    Aunt Julie.

  • Ariel,

    I went to high school with Romeo, and he just shared your story on Facebook. When I was 17, my leg was crushed by a car and I went through a lot of surgeries afterwards. Not the same, but your story struck a chord with me. I can tell you that while it will be difficult now, you will persevere through this, and come out stronger.

    I sincerely hope you will commit to your goal of becoming an Olympian and I want you to focus on that dream every day!

    I hope you blog about your progress and that I read about you competing as the athlete you already are and will continue to be.

    Prayers to you for continued strength and courage.


    Danielle B.

  • Today I was given the message to “give some money away….bless it.”
    I saw Gabriel’s email about his nephew and it was the very opportunity to give today.
    Ariel, you are alive for a reason. Your life is a blessing. You are needed here.

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